Birthday Bliss!

Due to the fact that I think its still jst a wee bit early to write Christmas posts, I'll still be keeping this one gift-themed' but about presents in general instead :) Of course, the fact that mine is literally around the corner has nothing to do with it!

I'm a big fan of handmade and craft-y things, so is like a dream come true! Support local small businesses and buy your giftwrap and cards from this website, or other DIY sites like

Above: Vintage-style gift tags from Jane Means on
Cost: £1.50 for ten

Above: Bespoke porcelain heart tags from Squeak Gift and Party on Cost: £3 each

Above: Gorgeous tig-boat printed Giftelop from giftelop ltd on
Cost: £3 each

Above: Beautiful rose-print gift tags from Claryce Design on  Cost: £6 for six

Above: Gorgeous vintage-feel Beano gift boxes from Chipper Nelly at
Cost: £11.50 each

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