Kitten Love

My gorgeous kitty Harlem - just  her to bits!

Cheers to the frikken weekend...

Not items on our stock, but costume preparations for a friends party this weekend. The theme? 'Rihanna' (her favourite!)

Angry... Cats?

So my poor kitty had to go in to be spayed so we don't have hundreds of kittens running around... I know, I know, it sounds awesome but I just know I wouldn't be able to part with any of them! So best avoid having to give them away altogether! She really is the crossest cat I've ever seen with that cone on... poor thing!

Photos from the Weekend

After a flurry of activity making, photographing, editing and then uploading new stock, I'm seeking some R&R at the most awesome R&R place I know... my parent's house! And so on Friday began a weekend of hobbycraft shopping, sleeping in, hugs, tea and imaginative manicures in front of the telly. It was my dad's 70th birthday as well - check out the awesome cake my mom made for him further down.

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